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Tres Dias of North Georgia, Women's #120

Holly Brownlow, Rector

October 20-23, 2011

Celebration of His Delight in Us

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"The LORD your GOD is in the midst of you, a MIGHTY ONE, a SAVIOR [Who saves]! HE will rejoice over you with joy; He will rest [in silent satisfaction] and in HIS love HE will be silent and make no mention [of past sins, or even recall them]; HE will exult over you with singing." Zephaniah 3:17

Celebration of His Delight in Us

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Thursday, October 20


Restoration Church of God


Saturday, October 22


Camp of Colors


Sunday, October 23


Camp of Colors

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Team list as of 9/29/2011

Holly Brownlow
Head Cha
Marlene Zachman
Asst Head Cha
Sandy Reynolds
Spiritual Directors
Richard Curran, Head
Ruthie Gomez
Glenn Robb
Rita Patrick, Ideals
Janet Bujko, Church
Renae Gunter, Piety
Cathy Tuck, Study
Debbie Wolcott, Action
Hellen Pendley, Leaders
Lisa Bengston, Environment
Judi Collins, CCIA
Evelyn McCollum, Reunion
Linda Moore, Silent
Coni Soliday, Silent
Dyana Campbell, Silent
Back-Up Rector
Barbara Bump
Michelle Sanders
Lisa Klausman, Head
Tech Cha
Heidi Zachman
Data Cha
Connie Locke
Table Cha's
Teresa Willis, Head
Elizabeth Crumley
Brandy Kirkland
Becky Fuller
Kristin Crisp Townsend
LeighAnn Echols
Shelly Ayer
Storeroom Cha's
Lori Bradford, Head
Sue Matzuras
Chapel Cha's
Theresa Forman, Head
Carol Harris
Regina St George
Michele Abdon
Sherry Grote
Gopher Cha's
Darcy Harper, Head
Paula Gambling
Palanca Cha's
Debra O'Dell, Head
Dianne Ely
Sharon Usery
Debbie McGregor
Julie TeBeest
Dorm Cha's
Shannon Biddy, Head
Margie Cundy;
Megan Patterson
Clara Barton
Chiqui Berrios
Dee Gravitt
Michelle Major
Floater Supply Cha's
Debbie Brown, Head
Sara Garret
Prayer Cha's
Bonnie Howard, Head
Denise Scarbrough
Sue Surdi
LouAnn Pressell
Patti Snyder
Susan Nichols
Kitchen Cha's
Joan Kiger, Head
Christine McCoy, Asst Head
Emilie Sheppard, Asst Head
Valeri Blackwell
Jennifer Bullock
Stacy Eddy
Lori Brooks
Kristle Williams
Amberly Collier
Margie Medlin
Tabby Bonner
Diane Courchene
Tracy Noble
Margie Henry
Christina Gonzalez
Nancy Pederson
Bridget Patterson
Michelle Elrod
Melissa Cook
Moneen Harwell
TBD, Head


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Team Meeting Schedule

TuesdayAugust, 16, 2011

TuesdayAugust, 23, 2011

TuesdayAugust, 30, 2011

SaturdaySeptember, 10, 2011

TuesdaySeptember, 20, 2011

SaturdayOctober, 1, 2011

TuesdayOctober,11 , 2011

Tuesday meetings 6:30 - 9:30 PM
Saturday meetings 9:00AM - 3:00PM

The Church of the Apostles, 3585 Northwide Pkwy NW, Atlanta 30327


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Team Assignments

Tuesday, August 16 Greeters: Margie Medlin & Debbie McGregor
  Opening Prayer: Sue Surdi
Tuesday, August 23 Greeters: Lori Brooks & Debbie Wolcott
  Opening Prayer: Christine McCoy
  Meditation: Lori Bradford
Tuesday, August 30 Greeters: Janet Bujko & Dyanna Campbell
  Opening Prayer: Joan Kiger
  Meditation: Paula Gambling
Saturday, September 10 Greeters: Megan Patterson & Darcy Harper
  Opening Prayer: Patti Snyder
  Meditation: Barbara Bump
Tuesday, September 20 Greeters: Lei Sturgill & Debbie Brown
  Opening Prayer: Shannon Biddy
  Meditation: Sandy Reynolds
Saturday, October 1 Greeters: Kea Sparkman & Heidi Zachman
  Opening Prayer: Susan Nichols
  Meditation: Marlene Zachman
Tuesday, October 11 Greeters: Rachel Mathiak & Regina St. George
  Opening Prayer: Marilyn Robertson
  Meditation: Emilie Sheppard

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Food Schedule

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Team Announcements

Chick Chat

Thursday 6/16

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Training and Job Descriptions

Head Cha Job Description #1  
  Job Description #2  
Asst. Head Cha Job Description  
BUR Cha Job Description  
Chapel Cha Job Description Training Module
Data Cha Job Description  
Dorm Cha Job Description Training Module
Floater Supply Cha Job Description Training Module
Gopher Cha Job Description  
Music Cha Job Description  
Palanca Cha Job Description Training Module #1
    Training Module #2
Prayer Cha Job Description  
Rover Cha Job Description  
Storeroom Cha Job Description Training Module
Table Cha Job Description Training Module
Setup/Takedown Cha Job Description  

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