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North Georgia Women's Tres Dias #117

Terri Horsley, Rector

February 10-13, 2010


For Thou, O Lord, are a shield for me, my glory, and the lifter of my head.  Psalm 3:3

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Thursday, February 10


Restoration Church of God


Saturday, February 12


Camp of Colors


Sunday, February 13


Camp of Colors

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Team list as of 2/11/2011   

Terri Horsley
Head Cha
Bobbi Cork
Asst Head Cha
Judy Cato
Spiritual Directors
Dennis Malone, Head
Wanda Holder
Mark Brague
Katie Freeman, Ideals
Kay Stanley, Church
Linda Fox, Piety
Linda Cappelletti, Study
Patty Bedwell, Action
Kimberly Castner, Leaders
Sherry Harrell, Environment
Patrice McLuhan, CCIA
Shannon Biddy, Reunion
Razzie Stewart, Silent
Lori Bradford, Silent
Cheryl Lathrop, Silent
Back-Up Rector
VeDonna Roberts
Liz Lauster
Cheryl Wahlmeier
Lori Riggs, Head
Hanna Horsley
Tech Cha
Tracy Victor
Data Cha
Maria Bailey
Table Cha's
Diana Schultz, Head
Martie Ames
Candace Echols
Rosa Moore
Theresia Sulaiman
Janie Jones
Storeroom Cha's
Denise Patterson, Head
Gwen Monroe
Chapel Cha's
Charley Carter, Head
Cheryl Murphy
Margaret Turner
Ann Marie Noyman
Gopher Cha's
Gwen Brague, Head
Twyla Green
Palanca Cha's
Suzanne Church, Head
Linda Munn
Lauren White
Erika Graham
Sarita Jefferson
Dorm Cha's
Fran Farr, Head
Stacey Eddy
Beverly Wallace
Becky Adcock
Lisa Harrington
Meagan Ciccarelli
Tina Aubrey
Floater Supply Cha's
LeighAnn Echols, Head
Timarie Rhines
Prayer Cha's
Tracey Scharoun, Head
Renee Olivastri
Phoebe Eckhardt
Eve Cassell
Andrea Wasielewski
Evelyn Gaddis
Kitchen Cha's
Judy Gage, Head
Hermaine Reize, Asst Head
Marlene Zachman, Asst Head
Camille Gard
Heidi Zachman
Diana Pethel
Tina Chambers
Megan Patterson
Carlissa Manning
Stephanie Strickland
Melanie Heineman
Rachel Curtis
Anna Fick
Jennifer Mims
Mildred Rodigez
Mary Sheppard
Jill Hammond Blue
Debbie Peggs
Jennifer Cooper
Kristen Lewis
Christie McNair
Radora Dinnan
Amanda Lowe
David Scharoun, Head
Jeff Riggs
Paul Ames
Tom Jennings
Bruce Cato
Bruce Roberts


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Team Meeting Schedule

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tuesday meetings 6:30 - 9:30 PM
Saturday meetings 9:30AM - 2:30PM

Meeting Place Restoration Church of God


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Team Assignments

If you are unable to attend the meeting that you have an assignment, please contact Bobbi Cork no later than 2 days before the meeting. Thanks!

Assignment Nov 16 (Tue) Dec 4 (Sat) Jan 4 (Tue) Jan 8 (Sat) Jan 18 (Tue) Jan 25 (Tue)
Greeters Alicia Johnsson
Renee Olivastri
LeeAnn Echols
Andrea Wasielewski
Tracey Scharoun
Lauren White
Rosa Moore
Phoebe Eckhardt
Stacy Eddy
Suzanne Church
Erika Graham
Lisa Harrington
Opening Prayer Phoebe Eckhardt Lisa Harrington Denise Patterson Cheryl Murphy   Lori Riggs
Meditation Cheryl Lathrop Fran Farr Charley Carter Gwen Monroe Timarie Rhines Hanna Horsley
Team Rollo #1 Shannon Biddy (Reunion)
Candle: Martie Ames
Prayer: Tracey Scharoun, Cheryl Murphy
Linda Fox (Piety)
Candle: Janie Jones
Prayer: Anne Marie Noyman, Tina Chambers
Kim Castner (Leaders)
Candle: Candace Echols
Prayer: Tina Chambers, Meagan Patterson
Katie Freeman (Ideals)
Candle: Martie Ames
Prayer: Pam Sarver, Cheryl Lathrop
Linda Cappelletti (Study)
Candle: Theresia Sullamin
Prayer: Melanie Heineman, Diana Pethel
Terri Horsley (4th Day)
Candle: VeDonna Roberts
Prayer: Maria Bailey, Sarita Jefferson
Team Rollo #2 Sherry Harrell (Environment)
Candle: Rosa Moore
Prayer: Connie Casey, Stacey Eddy
Dennis Malone
Candle: Diana Schultz
Prayer: Stephanie Strickland, Margaret Turner
Dennis Malone
Candle: Judy Cato
Prayer: Becky Adcock, Gwen Monroe
Mark Brague
Candle: Gwen Brague
Prayer: Lisa Harrington, Lauren White
Wanda Holder
Candle: Tracey Scharoun
Prayer: Beverly Wallace, Connie Casey
Team Rollo #3   Patty Bedwell (Action)
Candle: Alicia Johnsson
Prayer: Razzie Stewart, Cheryl Murphy
  Patrice McLuhan (CCIA)
Candle: Rosa Moore
Prayer: Phoebe Eckhardt, Carlissa Manning
Team Rollo #4   Wanda Holder
Candle: Bobbie Cork
Prayer: Lori Bradford, Lisa Chapius
  Kay Stanley (The Church)
Candle: Theresia Sullimin
Prayer: Rachel Curtis, Linda Munn

Team Assignment Download

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Food Schedule

Nov 16 (Tue) Dec 4 (Sat) Jan 4 (Tue) Jan 8 (Sat) Jan 18 (Tue) Jan 25 (Tue)
Main Dish - Mexican Main Dish - Brunch Main Dish - Soup Main Dish - Brunch Main Dish - Chili Main Dish - Sandwich
Kay Stanley
Janie Jones
Cheryl Murphy
Beverly Wallace
Tracey Scharoun
Margaret Turner
Linda Fox
Patty Bedwell
Cheryl Lathrop
Judy Cato
VeDonna Roberts
Liz Lauster
Judy Gage
Shannon Biddy
Theresia Sulaiman
Martie Ames
Pam Sarver
Andrea Wasielewski
Meagan Cicciarelli
Tracy Victor
Connie Casey
Renee Olivastri
Timarie Rhines
Patrice McLuhan
Salad Salad Salad Salad Salad Salad
Phoebe Eckhardt
Anna Fink
Rachel Curtis
Candace Echols
Twyla Green
Camille Gard
Hanna Horsley
Linda Cappelletti
Anne Marie Noyman
Mildred Rodriguez
Kitchen Cha #19
Kitchen Cha #20
Lauren White
Sherry Harrell
Kitchen Cha #22
Shannon Biddy
Razzie Stewart
Bobbi Cork
Bread Bread/Muffins Bread Bread/Muffins Bread Bread
Katie Freeman
Alicia Johnson
Kitchen Cha #16
Diana Pethel
Lisa Chapius
Kitchen Cha #17
Kitchen Cha #21
Heidi Zachman
Kitchen Cha #23
Kimberly Castner
Kitchen Cha #25
Rosa Moore
Dessert Dessert Dessert Dessert Dessert Dessert
Gwen Brague
Lee Ann Echols
Hermaine Reize
Linda Munn
Stacey Eddy
Gwen Monroe
Kitchen Cha #18
Becky Adcock
Lisa Harrington
Erika Graham
Stephanie Strickland
Melanie Heineman
Sarita Jefferson
Tina Chambers
Kitchen Cha #24
Meagan Patterson
Carlissa Manning
Marie Bailey
Attention Cha's Bringing Food:
1) Everyone please bring two 2-liter drinks or a gallon of sweet tea with your scheduled food item.
2) Please arrive early with your food, if at all possible.
3) Plan to serve 15 people with your item.
4) If you are unable to bring food on your designated night, make arrangements to swap with someone ASAP.
5) If you have questions or if you do have a last minute emergency, please call the Head Kitchen, Judy Gage at 678.447.5214.
Food Schedule Download

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Team Announcements

under construction

This section should contain:

    Team fee amounts and due dates

    Reminder for palanca letters

    Date and time of serenade for other teams


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Women's #117 Weekend Prayer List

Thursday February 10

7:00 PM Steve Fick
8:00 PM Mick McLaughlin
9:00 PM Jim Pressell
10:00 PM Willie Long - Dan Craddock
11:00 PM Charles Lee

Friday February 11

12:00 AM Paul Fiegle
1:00 AM Alan Hunt
2:00 AM Hans Hwangbo
3:00 AM Sean Flynn
4:00 AM David Jones
5:00 AM David Stowers
6:00 AM Dana Duncan
7:00 AM Jack Terrell
8:00 AM Clark Quinn
9:00 AM Kevin Taylor
10:00 AM Ted Carpenter
11:00 AM Phil Cook
12:00 PM Andy Kundel
1:00 PM Corey Gibson
2:00 PM Eric Patterson
3:00 PM Chris Bryant
4:00 PM Kenny Watson
5:00 PM Chad Barner
6:00 PM Lee Peterson
7:00 PM Ken Breier
8:00 PM James Adcock
9:00 PM Nsimba Mawete
10:00 PM Andy Fobes
11:00 PM Don Stewart

Saturday February 12

12:00 AM David Brown
1:00 AM Alan Hunt
2:00 AM Cheryl Edwards
3:00 AM Mario Kimball
4:00 AM Beth Hoeve
5:00 AM Darrell Hunnicutt
6:00 AM Bundy Sanders
7:00 AM Bernie McClure
8:00 AM Glen Aubrey
9:00 AM Chuck Cimarik
10:00 AM Glen Aubrey
11:00 AM Ted Carpenter
12:00 PM David Murphy
1:00 PM Kevin O'Neal
2:00 PM Michael Edwards
3:00 PM Randy Wagner
4:00 PM Imtiaz Ali
5:00 PM Josh Castner
6:00 PM Steve Shepherd
7:00 PM Adam Grote
8:00 PM Bill & Beth Shoemaker
9:00 PM Kyle Pickens
10:00 PM Doug Burchfield
11:00 PM Scott Shirley - Pat Shope

Sunday February 13

12:00 AM Doug O'Dell
1:00 AM Alan Hunt
2:00 AM George Flury
3:00 AM Charlie Ballew
4:00 AM Chris Lowe
5:00 AM Jim Kinnaman
6:00 AM Larry Hightower
7:00 AM Don Harris
8:00 AM Daniel Hill
9:00 AM Jay Clark
10:00 AM Dave Glander - Jeff Couey
11:00 AM Rico Ruiz
12:00 PM Bob Rathbun
1:00 PM Hal White
2:00 PM Greg Webb
3:00 PM John Soliday
4:00 PM Mike Neubauer
5:00 PM Brad Mangrum
6:00 PM Jason Davis


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