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Tres Dias of North Georgia, Men's #120

Joey Milam, Rector

February 5-8, 2015

Saved for a Purpose! Called for a Purpose!

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"Saved for a Purpose! Called for a Purpose!"

"God has saved us and called us to a holy life - not because of anything we have done but because of His own purpose and grace. This grace was given us in Christ Jesus before the beginning of time."   2 Timothy 1:9 (NIV)

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Thursday, February 5th


Restoration Church of God


Saturday, February 7th


Camp of Colors


Sunday, February 8th


Camp of Colors

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Team list as of 2/5/2015

Joey Milam
Head Cha
Alan Hunt
Asst Head Cha
George Mitchell
Spiritual Directors
Mick McLaughlin, Head
Roger Garret
Dusty Rutherford
Robert Goodson
Nick Grosse, Ideals
Harris Housley, Church
Scott McDonnell, Piety
Dan Craddock, Study
Danny Glosson, Action
Darren Wheeler, Leaders
Mike Witherspoon, Environment
Jeffrey Sims, CCIA
Ron Cundy, Reunion
Daniel Hill, Silent
Al Eckhardt, Silent
Skid Grant, Silent
Back-Up Rector
Bundy Sanders
Robert Gambling
Andy Wing, Head
Andy Milam
Mike Hinton
Tech Cha
Wayne Kwiatkowski, Head
Data Cha
Kiko Nyomo, Head
Table Cha's
Bruce Williamson, Head
Keith Brockman
Jon Hester
Steve Turner
Gary Bump
Steve Shepherd
Storeroom Cha's
Doug Birchfield, Head
David Bailey
Chapel Cha's
Chris Willis, Head
Allen Williams
Patrick Gardner
Todd Cook
Gopher Cha's
Jeff Ross, Head
Michael Edwards
Chandler Plott
Palanca Cha's
Chris Goellner, Head
Terry Huey
Greg White
David Scharoun
Richard Grosse
Dorm Cha's
Clarke Quinn, Head
Justin Bielat
Neil Pruitt
Jim Kinnaman
Dalton Sexton
Jim Strange
Shane Barron
Floater Supply Cha's
Kenny Watson, Head
Tim Powell
Prayer Cha's
Steve LaMarsh, Head
Don Stewart
Jeff Couey
Buddy Patrick
Doug O'Dell
Bill Coe
Kitchen Cha's
Rusty Brackett, Head
Scott Gage, Asst Head
Doug Weaver, Asst Head
Mike Rosendahl
Mark McGovney
Bryan Hartness
Don Coe
Dillon Purchase
Rowland Suttles
Tom Bennett
Mike Dobbins
Mathew Kalathil
Leland Hester
Damon Hansard
Brad Houck
Mike Koeberlein
Jais Kannickal
Charles Schultz
Lee Parrish
Ian Stepp
Tom Jennings
Michael Lewis, Head
Darrell Hunnicutt
Grady Braziel
Jake Rea
Felix Mendez


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Team Meeting Schedule

Tuesday November 4th

Tuesday November 18th

Tuesday December 2nd

Saturday December 13th

Tuesday January 6th

Saturday January 17th

Tuesday January 27th

Tuesday Meetings: 6:30 - 9:00 PM
North Atlanta Church of Christ
5676 Roberts Drive
Atlanta, GA 30338

Saturday Meetings: 8:30 AM - 1:00 PM
Same location


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Team Assignments

If you are unable to attend the meeting that you have an assignment, please contact Alan Hunt no later than 2 days before the meeting. Thanks!

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Food Schedule

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Team Announcements


You must attend at least six team meetings. 

You must stay on the campground the entire weekend, this includes cleaning, packing and closing on Sunday afternoon. 

Payment of $125 weekend fee and $15 team fee is due by the third meeting. 

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Training and Job Descriptions

Head Cha Job Description #1  
  Job Description #2  
Asst. Head Cha Job Description  
BUR Cha Job Description  
Chapel Cha Job Description Training Module Training Video
Data Cha Job Description  
Dorm Cha Job Description Training Module
Floater Supply Cha Job Description Training Module
Gopher Cha Job Description  
Music Cha Job Description  
Palanca Cha Job Description Training Module #1
    Training Module #2
Prayer Cha Job Description  
Rover Cha Job Description  
Storeroom Cha Job Description Training Module
Table Cha Job Description Training Module
Setup/Takedown Cha Job Description  

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