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Tres Dias of North Georgia, Men's #115

Kenny Watson, Rector

October 10-13, 2013


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"Whoever speaks, is to do so as one who is speaking the utterances of God; whoever serves is to do so as one who is serving by the strength which God supplies; so that in all things God may be glorified through Jesus Christ, to whom belongs the glory and dominion forever and ever. Amen." 1 Peter 4:11

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Thursday, Oct 10th


Restoration Church of God


Saturday, Oct 12th


Camp of Colors


Sunday, Oct 13th


Camp of Colors

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Team list as of 8/2/2013

Kenny Watson
Head Cha
David Cope
Asst Head Cha
Joey Milam
Spiritual Directors
Mick McLaughlin, Head
Phillip Markert
Andy Ledford
Alex Lawhon
Jacob Bingham, Ideals
Peter Lopez, Church
Jeffrey Sims, Piety
Tim Carr, Study
Sean Flynn, Action
Todd Dolson, Leaders
Ricky Davis, Environment
Greg Willis, CCIA
Jay Clark, Reunion
Paul Fiegle, Silent
Kevin Denny, Silent
Rusty Brackett, Silent
Back-Up Rector
Buddy Patrick
Cole Knight
Dana Duncan, Head
David Brown
Mike Hinton
Tech Cha
Jack Reynolds, Head
Michael Billington
Data Cha
Bundy Sanders, Head
Table Cha's
Richard Rector, Head
Al Eckhardt
Adam Grote
Dirk Hochburger
Al Bingham
Storeroom Cha's
Jim Strange, Head
David Johnston
Chapel Cha's
Lee Webb, Head
Kyle Pickens
James Hill
Hans Hwangbo
Spencer Watson
Gopher Cha's
Ed Knight, Head
Dutch Sears
Palanca Cha's
Alan Hunt, Head
Kevin Taylor
Aaron Eshee
James Tohal
Scott Gage
Dorm Cha's
Chris Goeller, Head
Chad Barner
Charlie Canniff
Steve Ware
Ian Stepp
Floater Supply Cha's
Dan Forman, Head
Barry Munz
Prayer Cha's
Dell Howard, Head
Todd Cook
Don Harris
Larry Hightower
Don Stewart
Chuck Surdi
Kitchen Cha's
Michael Shepherd, Head
Jim Tidwell, Asst Head
George Mitchell, Asst Head
Doug Weaver
Glen Church
Brian Hunt
John Gault
Buddy McLaughlin
Robert Owens
Gregg Sluder
Omar Hosein
TBD, Head


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Team Meeting Schedule

Saturday Aug 10

Tuesday Aug 20

Tuesday Aug 27

Tuesday Sep 10

Tuesday Sep 17

Tuesday Sep 24

Saturday Oct 5

Tuesday Meetings: 6:30 - 9:30 PM
Kennesaw Community Church
3021 Rutledge Rd NW
Kennesaw, GA 30144

Saturday Meetings: 8:30 AM - 1:00 PM
Kennesaw Community Church


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Team Assignments

If you are unable to attend the meeting that you have an assignment, please contact David Cope no later than 2 days before the meeting. Thanks!

Tuesday, August 27 Greeters: Al Eckhardt & James Hill
  Opening Prayer: Richard Rector
  Meditation: Andy Ledford
  Secretariat: Michael Sheppard & Bob Bartoldus
  Rollo's: Jacob Bingham (Ideal) & Rick Davis (Environment)
  Closing Prayer: Don Harris
Tuesday, September 10 Greeters: Hans Hwangbo & Aaron Eshee
  Opening Prayer: Lee Webb
  Meditation: Phillip Markert
  Secretariat: Chuck Surdi
  Rollo's: Peter Lopez (Church) & Tim Carr (Study)
  Closing Prayer: Don Stewart
Tuesday, September 17 Greeters: Todd Cook & Adam Grote
  Opening Prayer: Chris Goellner
  Meditation: Chuck Surdi
  Secretariat: David Bailey
  Rollo's: Todd Dolson (Leaders) & Greg Willis (CCIA)
  Closing Prayer: Scott Gage
Tuesday, September 24 Greeters: Charlie Canniff & Kevin Denny
  Opening Prayer: Kyle Pickens
  Meditation: Chad Barner
  Secretariat: Cole Knight & Cathy Jones/Moneen Harwell
  Rollo's: Jay Clark (Reunion) & Kenny Watson (Rector)
  Closing Prayer: Ed Knight
Saturday, October 5 Greeters: Spencer Watson & Steve Ware
  Opening Prayer: Jim Strange
  Meditation: Dell Howard
  Secretariat: Becki Fields & Daniel Thomas
  Closing Prayer: Mick McLaughlin (Communion)

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Food Schedule

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Team Announcements


You must attend at least six team meetings. 

You must stay on the campground the entire weekend, this includes cleaning, packing and closing on Sunday afternoon. 

Payment of $105 weekend fee and $15 team fee is due by the third meeting. 

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Training and Job Descriptions

Head Cha Job Description #1  
  Job Description #2  
Asst. Head Cha Job Description  
BUR Cha Job Description  
Chapel Cha Job Description Training Module Training Video
Data Cha Job Description  
Dorm Cha Job Description Training Module
Floater Supply Cha Job Description Training Module
Gopher Cha Job Description  
Music Cha Job Description  
Palanca Cha Job Description Training Module #1
    Training Module #2
Prayer Cha Job Description  
Rover Cha Job Description  
Storeroom Cha Job Description Training Module
Table Cha Job Description Training Module
Setup/Takedown Cha Job Description  

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